Tackling the world’s most hidden and underestimated pain point.

Fathers can face very difficult divorce battle and get alienated from their kids at the same time. As an organizer and founder of a series of Father Events in Asia, we are now ready to take our Unique Solutions to the World.

Fathers Helped

Men are stereotyped and easily framed for false allegations. Men need to upgrade themselves via tech means. The tools we are building let men become hero to fight for themselves while taking care of the ex- and current family members.

Children Saved

Being the primary victims of a broken family, children’s happiness and mental health is often neglected during divorce. We build short-term and long-term remedy for Fathers who fight with alienation to save their children.

Ex-Spouses Healed

Divorce fights are irreversible trauma on both sides. Empowered by web tech, we help Fathers start a healing process with their ex-spouse using a variety of PR reach-outs. The toughest can be soften by how the relationship started — love.

History will be kind to me for I intend to write it.


The journey of Mr. 6 began in 2019, where both the divorce rate and the number of child alienation cases reached its climax around the world*. We don’t fight against anyone as there is really nothing to fight about. We spread love to all families by finding remedy to their already-broken relationship. This is the history we are writing.

About Us

Mr. 6 was born a social media creative agency until we found the world’s most difficult problem to tackle. We use innovative technology to solve the pain points of fathers under unfair divorce battle.

We are here to help.

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Our Presence

Started in Asia, Mr. 6 Media Corp is expanding to the world. Headquartered in the beautiful city of Vancouver, Canada, we have outreached to different continents around the globe.

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